Make your Bluehost website 3x faster!

I’ve been a longtime user of Bluehost and for good reasons. First of all, if I ever encounter an error (which isn’t often) on my website, they’ve always been super quick about troubleshooting the issue. Second, they offer an incredible amount of value for very reasonable rates. From the cPanel dashboard, they have a ton of free add-ons that that range from increased security to boosting your overall website’s performance. And we all like better performance, am I right?

Although my site always loaded fairly fast, I really wasn’t aware what I was missing out on. By simply enabling a few options from the Bluehost cPanel, you can really speed things up. Did I mention it was free already? So yeah, check out this short video I put together and let me know how it goes.

*Disclaimer* I’m sure it should go without saying, but results may vary and do this at your own risk. Please don’t send me hate mail if you decide to change options you have no business changing. Otherwise, have fun!


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