Turn Hobbies Into Passive Income With Online Learning Courses

[UPDATE] Recently I’ve been introduced to Skillshare and I highly recommend their platform as well.

[UPDATE #2] With over 4000 students, my SEO class that I created over a year ago on Skillshare still generates about $250 a month. Again, passive income made with no effort.

It’s pretty amazing how quickly online learning has replaced traditional education. Growing up, I remember laboring away at the kitchen table, pouring over our collection of Encyclopedia Britannica to do book reports. That’s just how it was done back then. Yada yada yada, the internet comes around and 25 years later, there’s not a kid on the planet that knows what an encyclopedia is, much less seen one. I kind of chuckle when my 10-year-old son freaks out because he forgot to charge his iPad for school and he’s going to get in trouble for it. The struggle!

Now I’m not passing judgment, in fact, as a self-proclaimed tech head myself, I couldn’t be happier. Got a problem or need a fix, Google it! I joke with my wife, but I oftentimes insist I have a degree from YouTube University. Even Ivy League colleges such as Harvard now offer free online learning courses. Harvard! That’s pretty fantastic. You should really check out what Simon Dudley of LifeSize wrote about it in his article Why Online Learning Is More Valuable Than Traditional College.

It really comes as no surprise that the future of education lies in the digital online learning space. And that, leads me to Udemy courses.

Udemy Courses and Online Learning

Not heard of Udemy? Udemy is the world’s largest online learning marketplace. In essence, it’s an enormous collection of digital courses that have been produced by everyday, normal people or what they like to call “instructors”. You name it, you can find courses from Yoga instruction to photography. It’s really quite incredible because you don’t need a degree or certification to create a course and best of all, you can actually get paid for it!

You might be asking why you would want to learn from someone without a degree, and it’s simple. A degree is just a piece of paper. This is coming from a guy with lots of degrees and plenty of debt to show for it. My point is, Udemy courses are made by talented, passionate individuals that love to share their knowledge with others. Sound like you? Then perhaps you too should get on the online learning bandwagon.

Why I Created An Online Learning Course

You know, the truth is, I have the annoying habit of not asking for help. Yes, I’m one of “those guys” that if I didn’t have Google maps, I’d be the dope driving around clueless until I found my way. That’s just part of who I am. I actually like to wade through the mud a little just to figure out a better way to get through it. That way of thinking is what led me to build my business’s website on my own.

It paid off.

After months of trial and error, modifications, edits, plenty of DELETES, and updates I finally created a site that I could accept as perfect (nearly). And I wasn’t alone. Can you believe that a good number of my own patients chose my office because my website looked better than anyone else’s?! Not kidding. Probably not the best way to select your doctor, but perhaps they could tell that small details mattered in my office and that was evident by the website I created. 

There’s something else you should know about me, I love to share. I created a website that managed to reach page #1 of Google and I’ve had plenty of people ask me how I did it. That’s why, I decided to break down and create an online Udemy course that explicitly shows you, step-by-step, how I did it. Talk about being vulnerable, I truly show you everything!

Should You Create Udemy Courses?

I believe that if you have a unique talent, interest, or hobby you should go for it!  From my own experience, creating my first Udemy course was a fairly tedious, not impossible, endeavor. To get my course “How To Create a WordPress Website That Stands Out” approved, it took time. Udemy does have some stringent guidelines that must be followed. They claim it’s more for quality control purposes and I can appreciate that. No one wants to take an online learning course that’s totally amateur hour.

I can say this, they’re sticklers about your audio and video quality. I, for instance, primarily used Camtasia for screencasts and that required me to purchase a better quality microphone for voiceovers. No big deal really. I found the Blue Snowflake iCE for $49 on Amazon to be more than adequate. Actually for the money, I was super impressed!

I understand, recording and hearing yourself talk can be a bit awkward (do I really sound like that?). Give it no mind, seriously. People are going to love you for who you are and my only advice is to relax and let your personality shine. Because here’s the deal, online learning is only going to get bigger. Do the world a favor, if you truly have something great to teach and share, why not create some online courses?